A girl selecting a book from a library shelf
  • “A library card is the start of a lifelong adventure.”

    -Author Lilian Jackson Braun


    C.C. Ring Library Media Center

    C.C. Ring Elementary School is fortunate to have an amazing library media center in our school! At the Library students will learn library skills, refine their 21st century skills through hands on opportunities working with ipads to improve their keyboarding skills. Students in Kindergarten and first grade have the opportunity to checkout a library book every 8 days and students in second grade through fourth grade will have the opportunity to check out 2 library books every 8 days. 

    The library is a welcoming place where students and teachers can learn, explore, and, most of all, have fun! 

    Some goals include:

    • To foster the love of reading
    • To encourage the pursuit of personal interests through reading.
    • To provide up to date resources in book and electronic formats
    • Most importantly, it is the hope that students become lifelong learners and readers!

    Children are very excited about the books they choose. Parents can enjoy these books with their children every day.

    Please visit local public libraries and bookstores for story hours, and of course, read with your children for the pure joy!

    C.C.Ring Elementary School Librarian: Catherine Crasti
    Email: catherine.s.crasti@jpsny.org

    C.C. Ring Elementary School Library Paraprofessional: Michelle Nickerson