• Attendance Policy

    Every student has the right to the educational opportunities that will enable the student to develop his or her fullest potential.  To maximize these opportunities, it is the responsibility of the student to be in attendance daily.  Jamestown High School is committed to the philosophy that every student should attend every class every day/all day.  Regular attendance and promptness are expected in all classes and are essential for student success in school.  In addition, students must provide prior notification of absences known in advance as well as making arrangements with teachers for completing missed work.

    Our attendance policy is based on the following beliefs:

    • Regular attendance is an important aspect of a student’s educational program.
    • The educational process requires a continuity of instruction and active classroom participation.
    • The maximization of student interaction with his or her teacher and peers occurs through regular attendance.
    • Regular attendance is a major component of academic success.  It increases student achievement and reduces the dropout rate.

    Under the Jamestown High School attendance policy, parents/guardians are expected to call the Attendance Office when a student will be absent or late and to state the reason why.  An answering machine (483-4372) is available 24 hours a day to receive messages pertinent to absences.  Please DO NOT leave early dismissal information on answering machine.  Call 483-4343 or 483-4382 to reach office personnel.  The attendance office opens at 7:30 a.m. for personal inquiries.  Students are responsible for reminding their parent/guardians that a call should be made.  If an absence has not been reported by 4:00 p.m. of the day following the absence, it reverts to an unexcused absence and make-up work may be assessed a 20% penalty.   It is the parents’ responsibility to call and follow up with a note indicating why the student was late or absent.  Note must be signed by Principal.

    Below are the only legal excuses permitted by New York State:

    • Student illness
    • Sickness or death in the family
    • Medical appointments
    • Approved educational trips
    • Impassable roads or weather
    • Approved religious observances
    • Quarantine
    • Court appearance
    • Approved college visits
    • Military obligations

    Students will be allowed to make up all classroom work for any of the above absences.