• We are...Jamestown, NY

    The City of Jamestown is a community of approximately 31,000 people, situated between Lake Erie to the northwest and the Allegheny National Forest to the south. Jamestown is the largest population center in Chautauqua County. Nearby Chautauqua Lake is a fresh water resource enjoyed by fishermen, boaters and naturalists. Chautauqua Institution is approximately 17 miles away, o ering music, theater, educational classes and lectures for nine weeks during the summer.

    Founded by James Pendergast in 1808, Jamestown was once called the “Furniture Capital of the World” where people visited from all over the country to attend furniture expositions at the Furniture Mart, a building that still stands in the city and houses o ces for a variety of companies.  

    Notable people from the Jamestown area include comedian Lucille Ball; Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson; naturalist Roger Tory Peterson; singer Natalie Merchant and the band 10,000 Maniacs; and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Products developed in Jamestown include the crescent wrench and automatic voting machines.

    There is plenty to do in Jamestown. Jamestown is home to the Fenton History Center, which is named after former resident Reuben Fenton, the 25th Governor of New York. The Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History continues the legacy of Roger Tory Peterson by promoting the teaching and study of nature, and to thereby create knowledge of and appreciation and
    responsibility for the natural world. The Robert H. Jackson Center was built to preserve the life and legacy of Robert H. Jackson.
    O ering free lectures, tours, community events and a book shop, and focuses on educating the community about justice and tolerance with a continuing emphasis on the Nuremberg Trials.

    Arguably the most famous person to hail from Jamestown is Lucille Ball. The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center is dedicated to the city’s best-known daughter. As of 2016, a National Comedy Center and Museum of National Comedy in honor of Lucille Ball is being planned and built on the corner of Second and Washington Streets. This is adjacent to the newly renovated Train Station. There is a lot going on in Jamestown. If you are a visitor, we invite you to come back and visit often.