• School Wide Goals Set For 2019-2020

    Our School Shared Decision Making Team of teachers and Parent, collaborated over the summer to review our outcome data and determine our school wide goals for improvement.

    Looking at benchmark data, State assessment data and results form our student/teacher/parent safe school survey and our office referral data, we set goals to support our efforts in improving our school culture and our results.  Our focus is working collaboratively in teams to ensure all of our students are on their way to meeting our Guaranteed/Priority Standards/Curriculum, as well as, All Students Learning at Higher Levels all Day.

    With our Fletcher community knowing where we are heading and how, it is our hopes that our student are supported on their journey by all stake holders.

    If you wish to know more about our goals and our vision, please contact any of our members and Principal at 483-4404. We are looking for more parents to join and community members. 

    Our members are:

    Brenda Brown; K teacher

    Lori Kindberg;  1st grade teacher

    Shannon Osborne; 2nd grade teacher/Collaborative Team Coach

    Trevor Hitchock; 2nd grade teacher/peer coach

    Corey Brown; 3rd grade teacher/PBIS Tier 2 

    Katie Zwald; 4th grade teacher/peer, collaborative team coach

    Gillian Lamancuso ; School Councelor/ PBIS 2 Coach

    Darryl Mallanda; Art teacher/ PBIS tier 1 Coach

    Jennifer Ochocki; Reading interventionist/Tier 2 PBIS

    Stephanie David; Building Coach/Teacher learning Lab facilitator

    Chris Emley; grade 2 teacher/JTA representative.

    Lisa Certo Card; UPK Teacher/FACE team facilitator

    Stacey Micciche; Parent

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