• June 1-June 10

    Return your library books when you drop off your materials and pick up anything that you left behind.

    Check out the Prendergast Library website. https://www.prendergastlibrary.org/  Although they are physically closed they still have a lot of online resources that you can access.   Which language would you like to learn through Rosetta Stone?  Click on the Kids section and then on the internet online safety picture.  What did you learn?

    May 26th-May 29th

    create some art!

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    May 18th-May 22nd

    I hope you are enjoying the nicer weather and that you are getting outside to hear the birds and see the trees and plants blooming!  Ride your bikes, time yourself running or have a race with a family member, sit in the grass and look at the clouds.  Enjoy nature!  Then...

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    May 11th-May 15th

    I'm missing you my friends!  I miss your smiles and your giggles and your energy!  I can't wait until we can spend time reading and learning together again!


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    May 4th-May 8th

    I hope you are enjoying these lessons!  Please feel free to do them all even if they aren't your grade level range.  I hope you are safe and happy and healthy!!

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    April 27th-May 1st


    may day


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    April 20th-April 24th

    Earth Day is April 22nd!

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    April 13th-April 17th

    Listen and learn!

    Listen to the story:

    The Good Egg:


    Now research some facts about eggs. 

    Go to this site:


    Write out three facts that you learned.  What makes you a "good egg"?  Tell your family members all about it while you teach them some new facts about eggs!

    Check out these Library lessons!  March-April 10th

    Click on the link above for fun videos and quick activities to keep your brain hopping and reading while you are out of school!  Make sure to have fun and DON'T feel like you have to stick to your grade level.  Feel free to read more that one!!

    I miss you!

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