• On May 24, 2022, students enrolled in JHS’s JCC College classes Introduction to Business, Computer Applications, or the Business Academy (grades 11/12) visited the National Comedy Center.   Rochelle Mole, Vice President of Finance and Operations, shared the essential components of the National Comedy Center’s business plan.  Ms. Mole emphasized key elements during the development phase of a business plan:   Will your business “fit in” your community?   Is there “synergy” for economic development?  What will the economic impact be for the community?  

    The National Comedy Center is a non-profit organization that was able to receive $50 million through various donations, foundations, and funds: Federal,  NYS, and the NYS Parks Department.  The Comedy Center utilizes many partnerships throughout the area such as Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, Chautauqua Institution (comedy week), and Jamestown’s Northwest Arena.  Earning the 2020 Best New Museum Award, and many other accolades enables the National Comedy Center to market themselves as a destination for all to visit.

    Dallas Thurn, Sr. Manager of Operations Systems & Technology, explained the data analytics involved with each visitor’s experience.   Each visitor’s interaction with exhibits throughout the Comedy Center will vary depending on their comedian preferences, tv/movie preferences, and comedic genres.   Mr. Thurn shared a few fun facts:  

    1. There are over 200 servers throughout the Comedy Center running the over 50 immersive exhibits.
    2. 8 miles of Category (Cat) 5 internet cable, not including power or speaker lines/cords, have been installed throughout the facility.

    Students were able to take an interactive journey throughout the 37,000 square foot facility.  Some immersed themselves in an interactive “game show”, while others practiced their comedy acts on stage.   Between the hands-on simulations to watching a favorite comedic sitcom, the National Comedy Center offered everyone a personalized fun-filled engaging experience!