• Justice For All

    The purpose of this course is to create a safe, supportive, and informative space where sophomore and juniors are compelled to dig deep, beyond the echochamber of modern media, into our history and our current reality. Local partnerships and literary narratives help to bring a name, face, or personal experience to the surface of these troubling issues; some have referred to this course as “The Empathy Class.” 

    Part of this semester journey, is identifying how each student has a personal passion for which he or she needs to take a step. Homelessness, mental health, racism, rights for the LGBTQ community, youth activism, environmental justice, human trafficking, addiction, domestic violence, rights of people with disabilities, ageism, gender equality. There’s a long list of human rights needs right now, but it’s important that we not remain in awe of them. Instead, this Justice for All course aims to promote social advocacy and action.