What is Thoughtexchange?

  • Beginning this year, our district will be using an online platform called Thoughtexchange to gather community input on a variety of topics.

    Thoughtexchange will enable members of our school community to share your thoughts and ideas so that we can better understand your perspective and what you value. The forum enables participants to share your ideas, consider the ideas of others, and highlight what matters most to you.

How Does it Work?

  • Using Thoughtexchange, we will periodically pose a question about a specific topic on the online platform. All participants are invited to complete three steps in response to the question.

    • Share: Offer your thoughts and opinions. What do you believe about this topic and why? You may offer more than one thought, and your response is confidential.

    • Star: Review the ideas shared by others and rate the ideas from 0 to 5 according to your reaction to them.

    • Discover: Learn what is important to others by viewing the highest rated thoughts.

    The forum will remain open for about two weeks. You may check back as often as you like during the process to see and rate other thoughts in the thread to help us determine what is most important to the community.

    You are not required to share an email or any personal information in order to participate. We ask all respondents to be polite and respectful as you share and rate the thoughts of others. You are encouraged to flag any comments that are rude, hurtful, or disrespectful, or those that identify particular individuals or specific groups. These comments will be removed to keep the conversation civil and productive.

    Please watch this page for active Thoughtexchange questions. We encourage you to share your perspective, so that we can be better informed in our effort to meet the needs of our students and community.