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    Consequences for Cell Phone/Technology Violations at JHS

    The JHS Administrative Team will use the guidelines listed below to address student misuse of cell phones and technology in school.  

    The JHS Administrative Team has discretion to adjust disciplinary measures based on individual situations. 


    First Offense: Detention, potential loss of device for the rest of the school day, parent contact from teacher via phone call or TalkingPoints Message.

    Second Offense: Detention, loss of device until the student detention is served, parent contact by administrator.

    Third Offense: Extended Detention, parent must come to school to pick up the phone.  The student loses phone privileges for five school days.  

    Fourth Offense: Loss of phone privileges indefinitely and one day of In School Suspension (ISS).  The parent will be contacted by an administrator.


    If students refuse to hand over their phone, administrators will contact the parent/guardian to schedule a phone conference or in-person meeting.