School Routines

  • In order for students and staff to return to school safely, there will be a number of changes to daily school routines. It is important for everyone to follow these new routines to keep our school community safe and healthy.

    Limited Access to Visitors & Volunteers

    • We must limit access to visitors and volunteers to appointment only. Parents or visitors should call the main office before arriving at the school.
    • When possible, drop offs and pick ups should occur without physical contact (i.e., drop box in front entrance).
    • Anyone entering a building must fill out a health screening form. Administrators will establish protocols for admitting visitors and use of screening and temperature checks.

    Modifications to Classrooms & Common Areas

    • Student desks must be spaced six feet apart whenever possible. Any extraneous furniture will be removed from each classroom as much as possible to promote proper social distancing. Administrators will view and approve classroom designs prior to the start of the school year.
    • Hallways and common areas will be clearly marked to determine walking routes and spacing for 6-feet social distancing, encouraging one-way traffic wherever possible. Staff, students and visitors must adhere to the marked routes while in school buildings.
    • Schedules will be adjusted to allow for adequate passing time with less students moving at the same time.
    • Hallway lockers and locker rooms will only be accessed once at beginning of day/class and once again at the end of day/class with appropriate limitation on the number of students in a given area at the same time.

    Meal Service

    • We will continue to provide all enrolled students with access to free school meals each school day, including students in attendance at school and those learning remotely.
    • For students who attend in-person for morning or afternoon sessions, bagged lunch will be provided at dismissal to be eaten at home.
    • Students who attend full-day learning sessions will eat lunch in the cafeteria or classrooms meeting all proper social distancing, hand hygiene and cleaning and disinfecting requirements.
    • All students will receive bagged breakfast at dismissal to be eaten at home the next day.
    • Remote learners will also receive bagged lunch and breakfast to be picked up at their school of enrollment. Days and times of bagged meal distribution will be communicated to students and families.


    • We will continue to provide transportation as required for students who meet eligibility criteria.
    • Prior to boarding the bus, parents will need to complete a wellness check on behalf of their child. Students will also have their temperature taken before boarding the bus, and will not be permitted to ride the bus or attend school with a temperature greater than 100 degrees (F).
    • Buses used to transport students must be cleaned/disinfected daily. High contact spots must be wiped down between am/pm runs.
    • Students will be assigned to a seat that is safely distanced from other students.
    • Drivers, monitors and students must wear a face covering. Students who are unable to medically tolerate a face covering are not required to wear one.

    Counseling & Support for Staff, Students & Families

    • We are dedicated to helping our school community with any concerns that they are experiencing due to COVID-19 or reopening of schools.
    • We have assembled a committee to review and provide input to inform the district school counseling plan, including principals, counselors, psychologists, teachers and parents.
    • Students and families can contact their principal, school counselor or the Office of Student Support Services for emotional or counseling support.
    • We will provide professional development for faculty/staff on how to support students during/after the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency, and how to provide support to develop coping and resilience skills for students, faculty and staff.
    • We will also continue to provide resources and referrals to address mental health and behavioral concerns and a liasion to our community's emotional support services and programs.