• First Week of School Information


    Tuesday, September 6th

    • The first day of school is Tuesday, September 6th.  This is a half day (8:00-11:30)
    • This is the only scheduled half day for JHS for the entire school year. 
    • Link: Half Day Schedule for September 6, 2022


    Wednesday, September 7th


    Thursday, September 8th

    • Thursday, September 8th is a full day of school, 8:00-3:00.


    Friday September 9th

    • Friday, September 9th is a full day of school, 8:00-3:00.


    Student Schedules

    • Students can access their schedules using the student portal or parent portal.  Schedules will also be available to students on the first day of school when students get to their assigned homeroom.  Students will be able to find their homeroom by checking the student/parent portal.  Homeroom assignments will also be posted at multiple points in the building near the main doors. 
    • JHS Daily Bell Schedule


    Student Arrival Time

    • Students should arrive at JHS between 7:50-7:55 AM.  At 7:55, a bell will ring to mark the beginning of the school day. At that time, students will be allowed into the building.  Students who would like to eat breakfast at school should enter through the main doors, starting at 7:40 AM.  Students who enter prior to 7:55 must go to the cafeteria for breakfast or have prior approval to meet with a teacher.  A point of emphasis this year is for students to be in their assigned homeroom by 8:05 AM.  Students are not permitted to wander the hallways or visit other classrooms after entering the building. Instead, students must attend their scheduled homeroom as soon as possible.  Students who arrive at JHS after 8:10 will be considered "tardy."


    Drop Off Locations

    • Students should not be dropped off on 2nd Street or in the front loop of JHS. It is imperative for student safety that cars do not stop and block lanes on 2nd Street. The three recommended drop-off locations for students include the corner of First and Institute Street (take First St. to Institute St. from Main Street), the corner of Chandler St. and Foote Avenue, and on 3rd Street across from the former Veteran's Park (by the post office).


    Student Entrances

    • All students should enter through the main doors by the main office, under the clock.  These are the doors with the new "big cat" logo. Students should not enter JHS through any other doors during school hours.


    Student Lockers

    • Students are expected to use their lockers during the school year.  Items that are not needed for class should be placed in lockers.  Students will receive a school-issued lock (no deposit required) early in the school year.


    Use of Backpacks

    • Students are permitted to use backpacks in school.  If students bring anything into the school that violates the Code of Conduct, they will be placed on a "No Backpack List."  If students are placed on this list, they will automatically be placed on the "No Phone List" since students are expected to put their phones in their backpacks during class.  



    • The use of vaping devices has, and continues to be, a concern at JHS over the past two years.  If any student is in possession of a vaping device, whether or not it belongs to them, they will face a disciplinary consequence and will be assigned to a vaping education class with a staff member from Prevention Works.  We feel that this educational component is critical to curbing the use of students who are using vaping devices.  Any student who is caught in possession of a vaping device will be placed on the No-Extracurricular List, meaning that they may not be able to attend football games, homecoming, basketball games, Battle of the Classes, or Prom, etc.


    Other Important Information & Communication

    Other information can be found in the welcome letter sent home to families the week of August 8th.  Please click on the links below for an electronic version of the letter. 


    Beginning of the Year Documents



    • For additional questions, please call the JHS Assistant Principals' Office at 483-7103.