• JHS Yearbook Information

  • JHS Yearbook Update, May 17, 2021

    The last day to order a yearbook online is June 1st.  You will still be able to purchase one for cash after they are delivered in June, but there will be a limited number of books to purchase at that time.   For any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Nugent at mark.j.nugent@jpsny.org


    The Seniors are featured in the yearbook, but all underclassmen pictures and some sports and extracurricular events are in the yearbook as well. 


    To order a yearbook, please click on the link below.  If you have any questions, please email JHS Yearbook Advisor, Mark Nugent, mark.j.nugent@jpsny.org.  Thank you.  





    JHS Yearbook Update, February 3, 2021

     Due to circumstanced of COVID-19, the yearbook for this year will be a senior focused yearbook. The
    underclassmen pics that Click Studio took will be in the book, but to get the cost down we have cut the
    size of the book in half. We cannot justify putting out a book at the cost of $70 with everything that is
    missing from a normal school year. With no school activities such as homecoming, battle of the classes,
    dances, winter/spring sports (I know they are trying to figure out how to do them now, but deadlines
    will affect them being able to be in the yearbook) and with so many students choosing to learn
    remotely, changes had to be made. The book is now $40 and will be focused on the Seniors. As we
    slowly get back to normalcy, we are planning on and hoping to have “regular” book next year. If you
    paid full price for the book already, you will get reimbursed the difference by Jostens in February. If you
    ordered a book, but now do not want one, let me know and I will get you the total refund.
    If you have questions, contact Mr. Nugent, yearbook advisor, at mark.j.nugent@jpsny.org.

  • JHS Yearbook Advisor

    The JHS Yearbook Advisor is Mark Nugent. 

    Please contact Mr. Nugent if you need any yearbook information. 

    Email: mark.j.nugent@jpsny.org