CORE 3.0: Collaborative Opportunities to Redefine Engagement

  • Funded by the NYSED Learning Technology Grant, the CORE 3.0 project aims to deliver high-impact professional learning for all teachers and administrators of the Jamestown City School District. Through a strategic approach to job-embedded professional development and high levels of collaboration and support, CORE 3.0 has the potential to transform teaching and learning, and thereby improve the achievement and engagement of JPS  students who will learn to use technology as creators rather than consumers.

    CORE 3.0 aims to close a “digital use divide” by supporting teachers and students to leverage available technology to create, design, build, explore, and collaborate, as opposed to direct instruction or passive consumption of content.

    In order to address this challenge, CORE 3.0 will promote personalized learning and culturally-responsive instruction through the following goals and objectives:

    • Increase district capacity to provide high-quality professional development by recruiting technology mentors who provide timely job-embedded coaching, modeling, and collegial support to promote personalized learning.
    • Increase teacher competency and collaboration in the effective use of instructional technology to promote personalized learning by providing structured opportunities to collaboratively understand, apply, and share model lessons.
    • Improve student achievement, engagement, and long-term success through personalized learning experiences that maximize the use of educational technology to provide instruction that is culturally- and linguistically-responsive and accessible to all learners.

CORE 3.0 At-a-Glance

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