Learn More About JHS' Mascot

  • As the JHS Mascot Committee has recommended changes to our school mascot and logo, this section contains information to keep our community informed about the changes proposed. The JHS Mascot Committee members take tremendous pride in the long and thoughtful process they used to create the proposed JHS mascot. You can find more information at the links on the left about:

    • JHS big cat mascotThe JHS Mascot Committee;
    • The History of the JHS Mascot and;
    • Frequently Asked Questions about the Proposed JHS MascotThe Jamestown Board of Education voted to keep the JHS name “Red Raiders” at their July 2021 meeting. At a future Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education will discuss and vote on the proposed JHS mascot. The final mascot, approved by the BOE, will include the “Red Raider” name.

    The Jamestown Board of Education and the JHS Mascot Committee welcomes feedback on the proposed mascot. You can email the Jamestown Board of Education at BOE@jpsny.org, contact JPS Superintendent Dr. Kevin Whitaker at 716-483-4420 or kevin.j.whitaker@jpsny.org, or contact the JPS Athletic Director, Ben Drake, at 716-483-4378 or email at benjamin.c.drake@jpsny.org


JPS Athletic Director & JHS Mascot Committee Chair, Ben Drake, Talks About Proposed Mascot