• 2022 Homecoming Information

    Homecoming activities begin the week of September 26th, culminating with the varsity football game vs. Niagara Falls at Strider Field on Friday, September 30.

    The Homecoming Dance is Saturday, October 1.  It will be held from 8-10 pm at the Jefferson Middle School gymnasium.


    JHS Homecoming Behavior and Attendance Expectations

    These expectations were explained to students on September 8th.

    Homecoming events are meant to be fun for everyone, but in order to attend, students need to be able to show that they have been behaving appropriately in school, and that they are being responsible for what is expected of them at JHS.

    The following expectations are in place for anyone wishing to attend the Homecoming events:

    1.  Students must not have earned suspension between now and October 1 in either ISS or OSS/AEP.

    2.  Any student who has missed more than 5 days of school (unexcused) in this first month is not eligible to attend.

    3. Students with 3 or more discipline referrals between now and September 30th will be ineligible to attend Homecoming.

    There will not be any changes to this policy. Parents should not call the school or come to the main office if their child is ineglible to attend.