• College Courses 

      Through the College Connections program at Jamestown Community College, students can earn credit for high school and college at the same time. These courses are taught by highly qualified, JCC-trained and supported teachers.

      The content, assignments, projects, and assessments in College Connections courses are consistent with those taught on the JCC campus. Students who successfully complete College Connections courses earn JCC credit, typically 3-credits per course, which is verified by an official transcript.

      The following College Courses are being offered at Jamestown High School this year:

      • College Chemistry I (4 credits)
      • English Composition I/II 
      • Public Speaking 
      • Introduction to Theatre 
      • Writing About Literature 
      • British Literature II 
      • US History Before 1865 
      • US History Since 1865 
      • Intermediate Spanish I 
      • Precalculus (4 credits)
      • Elementary Statistics
      • Calculus and Analytic Geometry I (4 credits)
      • General Physics I (4 credits)
      • Intro to Business 
      • Accounting Fundamentals 
      • Microcomputer Applications I (4 credits)
      • Engineering Drawing with Auto CAD (4 credits)
      • Safety and Cutting Processes 
      • Shielded Metal Arc Welding 

      Students who take advantage of the College Connections program, have graduated from Jamestown High School with their first two years of college already completed!