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JPS After School Programs Offer Educational and Fun Activities

Jamestown Public Schools’ After School Programs are back this school year with a variety of activities to help “enrich kids, inside and out.” Programs are offered at all five elementary schools and currently, for all three middle schools at Jefferson Middle School. Bussing is available for Persell and Washington students to attend the after school program at Jefferson. In October, the Washington After School Program is expected to open.

“We are very excited to have our after school programming back in session this year,” said Laura Penhollow, JPS Coordinator for Extended Learning. “We have a few focuses this year. Our main focus is working with the schools and teachers to reinforce the skills and standards learned during the school day, but with engaging, hands-on activities to keep kids interested after school. Once the school year gets going, our activities will be data driven to see where our students need additional help and we will be incorporated into our programs. We are also ensuring that our programs are culturally responsive to our community. And finally, social emotional well-being, health, nutrition and physical activity will be big components of our after school programming this year.”

 JPS is lucky to have community partners, YMCA and YWCA, running its after school programming. The YMCA runs Ring, Love and Lincoln and the YWCA runs Fletcher, Bush, Jefferson, Washington and Persell programs.

“Our partners provide engaging and amazing opportunities for our students to succeed,” said Mrs. Penhollow. “They also care deeply for the students and their families. The collaboration we have, and their ‘kids first’ mentality is why our partners are so important to our community. They truly believe in providing a nurturing atmosphere for our children to flourish.”

JPS After School Programs run from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday when school is in session. All programs adhere to all COVID-19 regulations including wearing masks while inside any school building, maintaining social distancing, and proper sanitizing. Students will receive a snack and have an opportunity for homework help. In addition there are variety of activities students can rotate through during the program including: STEM activities, arts and crafts, nature club, Chautauqua Striders tutoring, a programming with Prevention Works, visual and performing arts with Infinity, visits from the Audubon Community Nature Center and Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Junior Achievement, and activities with Girls’ and Boys’ Scouts, to name just a few.

“It is so important to have after school programming for JPS students,” said Mrs. Penhollow. “Not only is it a safe place for students to spend their after school time, it also allows students to learn, but in a different way than during the school day. They can relax and express themselves differently. They can be active, hands-on and engaged in all the subject areas, but also just have fun and be kids.”

If you are interested in registering your child for an after school program at Fletcher, Bush, Jefferson, Washington and Persell, you can visit or call Bush at 338-3827, Fletcher at 338-6226 or Persell/Jefferson/Washington at 488-2237. To sign up at Ring, Love and Lincoln, please call the YMCA at 664-2802 x222.