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Lincoln PTA Provides Music Kits for Every Child in the School

Jamestown schools know how lucky we are to have the support of music kits such wonderful PTAs, and Lincoln Elementary School’s PTA is no exception. The Lincoln PTA bought supplies to provide an individual music kit for every child in the school.

“Due to the restrictions that state you must be 12 feet apart to sing, that restricted what I normally do during music class,” said Lincoln music teacher, Cathy South. “We normally sing and practice rhythms on real instruments but this year they are not allowed to share instruments or sing. But thanks to the PTA, I was able to create music kits for the kids with all sorts of wonderful instruments we can use during class. I can’t thank the PTA enough for their generous donation to help keep music going for our Lincoln students.”

Each music kit has rhythm sticks with a practice pad, egg shaker, pop tubes that can help students learn about musical note durations, ribbon wands for movement work and jingle bell bracelets. These items offer Mrs. South the ability to teach about rhythm in a fun, hands-on, physical way.

“The students can use the items at their desk to stay socially distanced but they can stand up and beat the drum pad or use the other percussion instruments. It’s a safe way for them to learn music and also just have fun.”

Mrs. South is also using the music kits to think of new ways to present traditional pieces like the Nutcracker.

“We have to change and adapt. For example with the Nutcracker, we might have the kids move to a section of the piece or play the rhythms of the march. The kits still let kids be kids, they have always loved music and thanks to the PTA, that can continue this year.”

The Lincoln PTA was happy to provide the kits for every child in the school.

“We are so happy to help our school especially during this difficult time. We loved donating the musical kits to every child in the school so that they can continue to have that wonderful musical experience,” said Lincoln PTA President Chrissy Salvaggio. “Whatever we can do to help our kids try to have some normalcy, we are here for them. Everything we do, we do for the kids.”