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JTA Donates to The Anew Center & Child Advocacy Program

The Jamestown Teachers Association recently presented donations to the Anew Center and to the Child Advocacy Program. JTA President, Stephanie Sardi, gave each organization a check for $622.

“The Jamestown Teachers' Association has an annual Welcome Back Social every fall to reconnect with our colleagues and to raise money for local charities,” said Mrs. Sardi. “This year, we split the $1,244 in donations that we received from current JTA members and retirees, between the ANEW Center and the Child Advocacy Program. We chose these two organizations because of the resources, support and intervention they provide to many of our students.”

The organizations appreciate the donations

“I would just like to say THANK YOU to all involved in the Jamestown Teacher's Association,” said Kristina Near, Shelter Manager for The Anew Center. “This donation is very appreciated and will go to supporting the current, and future, survivors residing in our shelter, which is a 13-bed facility in a home-like setting.” 

“CAP is so pleased to receive this donation from JTA,” said Beth Oakes, CAP Executive Director. “Community support is integral to the work CAP does. Thank you JTA for supporting CAP!”