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JPS Recognizes Tenure Recipients

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. –  Jamestown Public Schools recognized staff members and administrators who were awarded tenure during the June 6 meeting of the Board of Education. 

“The milestone of achieving tenure means that a person has gone through a rigorous hiring process, followed by years of supervision and scrutiny to determine if they are the best that we can offer to the children of Jamestown,” said Dr. Kevin Whitaker, JPS Superintendent. “I am happy to announce that the assembled group has made it through this process, and I have confidence that they will continue their work as they strive toward continued excellence for the benefit of the children of Jamestown.”

Individuals who were awarded tenure are: Annie Berg, Chad Bongiovanni, Desiree DeMarte, Sydney Deppas, Iris Gonzalez, Gary Gustafson, Cristin Hockenberry, Marie Karbacka, Maureen Kessler, Arielle Lewis, Christina Lewis, Deanna Luce, Carrie Lyon, Lauren Petro Meger, Emily Naetzker, Grace Panebianco, Bethany Peterson, Alexandra Pezzulo, Jacqueline Philp, David Riling, Chris Roberts, Brianna Rodriguez, Brandy Smouse, Tammi Sullivan, and Brittany Youngberg.