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JHS Senior Chryssie Rose-Panteli Excels at School, Work & Life

Even with a mask on, you can see the huge smile in Chryssie Rose-Panteli’s eyes as she plays with the dogs at Dog Mom’s. Chryssie is doing a work-study program at Dog Mom’s helping in their doggie day care and grooming services.

            “I love animals so I love working at Dog Moms,” said Chryssie. “I really like Biology at school and want to be a vet tech so this is so much fun and I’m also learning about animals.”

            Dog Moms loves having Chryssie working for them.

            “It’s been such a good experience,” said Mazie Britton from Dog Moms. “Chryssie does so well with the dogs and she’s learning real-life skills such as interacting with the public. She’s just a great worker who loves coming here.”

            In addition to the work study program, Chryssie loves being involved in the JHS Mixed Chorus, and in her community including: The Exceptional Stars Sports Program, horseback riding, taking dance lessons at Tiffany Wakelee School of Dance, volunteering at the Yassou Festival and participating in the "Buddy Walk" to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. Phil Mead, is Chryssie's JHS ELA Teacher/Job Developer.

“Chryssie's biggest assets are her willingness to learn new tasks, embrace new challenges and her kind demeanor,” said Mr. Mead. “Chryssie is very well-spoken and communicates well with her peers and other adults. She carries a 90+ average in school, has excellent attendance, and is a role model to her peers. Chryssie has the capability of working in a variety of occupations. Whoever she decides to work for in the future will be lucky to have her positive attitude, compassion and drive.”

The JHS Work Study Program, for all students, encourages them to work on transitional services throughout their secondary schooling. The process actually begins in elementary school where students begin talking about different careers they are interested in.  Once they start ninth grade, students refine their career options, explore different employment and educational options available for their particular career, and choose a JHS academy. A variety of assessments are also conducted with students throughout their high school career, including: student interviews, career exploration, and developing a career plan that is updated yearly.

When a student is placed in a work setting, a job coach could be assigned to the student to ensure a smooth transition while he or she learns the different tasks of the job.  During this time, an employability profile is also kept on the student and used as an evaluation grading scale.

“Chryssie is a great example of how a work study program can enhance a student’s educational experience,” said Mr. Mead. “It allows students to explore career options while still in school – often opening up opportunities.”