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Sandy Pratt

Sandy Pratt
School Secretary
Washington Middle School

How long have you worked for JPS? 

I worked in the Human Resources office for one year from September 1998 to August 1999.  That was a time when we went to work very early to call substitutes for the day. I had an Apple dot-matrix printer with continuous feed paper!  I've worked at Washington Middle School since August 1999, which is 24 school years at Wash.

What brought you to JPS?  

I wasn't looking specifically to work in a school district, but I applied because I was unhappy with my job in the private sector.  I was very excited to be hired by JPS.

What’s been the highlight of your career?  

I've been blessed to always have like-minded coworkers and friends to share in the good times and offer encouragement through the challenges.

What’s your favorite part of your job?   

Knowing that my duties keep the office running smoothly.