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Jamestown Board of Education Extends Superintendent’s Contract

During last night’s meeting of the Jamestown Public Schools Board of Education, the Board unanimous approved authorizing Board President Paul Abbott to enter into a contract amendment with Superintendent Bret Apthorpe. Under the terms of the new agreement, Dr. Apthorpe's contract will now run through June 30, 2023.

Mr. Abbott, who signed the agreement into effect at the conclusion of the meeting, commented on the extension. "The amended contract, which was unanimously approved this evening, is an acknowledgement of the positive things Dr. Apthorpe has done, and an endorsement of the plans he has in place for the future of our district. The members of the Board of Education have received a good deal of positive feedback from our district staff, students and the community regarding the work of Dr. Apthorpe to date. The Board and Dr. Apthorpe began conversations in the fall regarding a possible extension. It is the Board’s feeling that in order to accomplish all we hope to accomplish, support our staff, and create the best educational opportunities for all of our students, strong leadership is essential. Adding the stability of a long-term agreement with Dr. Apthorpe ensures we will have this at Jamestown Public Schools."