Universal Free Meal Program

JPS Announces Universal Free Meal Programs

JPS has been approved by the United States Department of Education and the New York State Department of Education to serve breakfast and lunch at no charge to students in all Jamestown Public Schools through the Universal Free Meal Programs.

“Research shows that children who eat a well-balanced breakfast and lunch perform better in school,” said JPS Food Service Director Jeff Smith. “This program supports child nutrition programs and increases breakfast and lunch participation while eliminating any barriers hindering a child’s ability to participate. Many Jamestown children rely on school meals. Our district has over 70 percent poverty rate. If we can increase school meal participation through this program at all Jamestown schools, we can not only make progress in childhood hunger but also increase the likelihood of a child’s success during the school day.”

The programs allow all students attending JPS schools to be automatically eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch. Families do not need to submit a free or reduced meal application to be eligible. Students residing in Jamestown and attending schools outside the JPS district will need to file an application for free and reduced meals at the school they are attending. This includes Jamestown students attending programs at BOCES.

If a parent or guardian has questions regarding the Universal Free Meal Program or wishes to decline Free Meal benefits, please contact the JPS Food Service Office at 483-4398.